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I Recently got checked out for all STDs… And im Clean through and through..
But not everyone can be Floyd Mayweather out in these sheets (undefeated), so i stocked up..
this isnt a “get tested” post, ill save that one for another time but more like a WRAP it up post.. so WRAP it up.. check out sites like if u wanna stock up like ya boy


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I never seen AJ so purdy..
She remind me of B in this pic

Ayo mama, you str8 sexy’Fly witcho freaky frecky freckles!

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I got a thing for chicks with these things
the perfection of the so-called imperfection


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So Pretty Much me and the guys here at AYND  have been talking about this topic for a while now.. we figured after a long talk that you all are ready for this, and this is important .. i mean  many towns around the U.S.A warns its residents when a sex predator moves in the neighborhood … lol… I know your like “Munz what the fuck does sex predators in the U.S.A have to do with LL Cool J?”… think  about it…..  thinnkkk about iittt…..  BINGO!

This niggas a perverted creep. Fact.
[when has that ever been cool?]

Now we all know about LLCJ’s steamy lyrics and hot veiw points.. but why do we accept them? If the FBI found a Journal from a “Suspected” Serial rapist murderer stalker pervert and it featured half a lil piece of somthin similar to what LLCJ talks about in his raps they would have enough to FRY that man… but no its LLCJ and he licks his lips and has nice abs so its ok?.. Im sure if John from up the block told a girl he just met “Its our first time together and im feeling kind of horny..Conventional methods of making love kinda bore me”  He’d get the shit slapped out of him and the cops would be on the way soon after her big cousins Pooka and Man-Man handled that nicca.. haha

Dude, this all started from us listening to the song “Hey Lover” … the song where LLCJ plays the roll of a stalker.. I know your like “WOW .. I never looked at it like that” .. I know you havnt .. but peep, 25 pluss years and all he raps about is trying to score… check out all his lyrics because the creep James loves ladies.. and just like the town warning its residents, im warning you…

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Munz’s Fav Pic of the week

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