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All it takes is one secret handshake / behind closed doors in secret landscapes

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i guess you must click the pic to see the action…

The Dope

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TONIGHT.. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE [wit the corners bent]

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Visions 18.X.MoChadon.X.Extra Butter

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i look like a fat man.. wait, i am a fat man lol

Extra Butter’s 3 Year Anniversary

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Aint nothing moving in long island on black friday but Extra Butter.. it belongs to us now. THREE YEARS already?!! For the amount of work and progress you would think Butters been open 10.. How do you all measure success? Right now the so-called competition/competitors  are gaggin at the site of anything related to butter..throwing up all types of Thanksgiving left overs.. have a ginger ale fellas.. ease the pain. This is just me talking shit on my blog.. holdin my nuts like “chea” .. taking a look at my team.. really? this is my team? how fuckin cool is that?! the hood nerd shy fly guy Doc Munz having a moment.. Anyaknodiz!

Three big years for EB, 2010 being the biggest yet with the unveiling of the new showroom which I must say is beyond great, Shoutout to the fellas at the shop Alex Russ and Jay, and special shout out to Scoop for puttin in hours, coming on board the EB team this year and putting up big#s like we knew you would [you not kobe son. lol] Bam and Evan complete this science cypher. As far as the party.. well.. check the pics foo!   DJ Doug Grayson and DJ Tezo killed their sets, Doug throwing on wild cuts, even some from my favorite genre DISCO FUNK  .. murrrrrrrderr..  B’Boys and B’Girls hit the dance floor hard [IN THEIR GOOD SHOES] when Mr Grayson called them out with his fine music selection.. DJ Tezo no stranger to this DJ shit let everybody know who he was setting it off with the “Happy Birthday” song lol yup [if you get it you get it .. if you don’t you don’t] then boom he went mayhem wit reckless amounts of genres and flavor.. “(The Train) by Quad City DJ’s” !!!!! WHOO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE PLAYING THAT??!! lol its funny we didn’t even realize we were dancing to it until we broke out in to a Train [footage needed by the way] and it wasnt a small train .. it was a train train lol all through the store and almost out the door.. Tezo is one confident mufucka for that because in 2010 that shouldnt work.. but it did.. Flawlessly, Respek. The house was packed and filled with love smiles jokes and dance, good energy and good company.. Only,  SBWear, CmartyMar + co., 2BoG, Jacqueline Valega, Visions.18, Sneaker News, MochaDon, HasBeen, RnP, EaseDaMan, Boobie Dan, Cloud posse, Je Ne Sais Quoi films. Man, to many to name everybody but mad love n Peace to all. Enjoy the pics, didn’t plan on doing too much, reason I brung Fish..but fuck it Kookie Dope does work.

Kool Doctor Munz~

Extra Butter’s 3 Year Anniversary Party Video Recap

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Still feeling the energy from the 3 Year Anniversary/Showroom Grand Opening Party as evident on the picture commentary on our facebook, this one will definitely not be forgotten.

If you’d like to re-live some of it again (or see what you missed if you made the mistake of not coming through), check a little video recap below done by our friend Karl at Je Ne Sais Quoi films. It definitely captures some of the infectious vibe that made the night so unique. Enjoy!

Extra Butter 3 Yr Anniversary/Showroom Opening [Event Recap] from Je Ne Sais Quoi Films, LLC on Vimeo.

P.S. – Still searching for more footage of the “train”, “b-more 2-step”, etc. If anyone else has, please send over –

[Via Extrabutter]

My picture recap coming very soon

He’s Never there when you WANT him, but always there when you WANT him!

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My brother my brother , who better to wear the gear than MY lil BROTHER!! Cam thats who. Yeah extra butter did it again with another lookbook.. this one from 10deep is a perfect match with Cam seeing how his crew [RnP] rolls big everywhere they go..  check out the flicks enjoy that manly face fluff [shoutout to Jay for trackin down this guy] 

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