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It’s always about the Kookies, ALWAYS!

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Unless I’m horny, then its about the bitches too!

C.P.B. right on time

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didnt you…??!! isnt that…??!!  lol dont bother folks.. just enjoy

Cold Peanut Butter [Disrespectful edition]

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Ok so.. CPB is still kickin always will be, i know some of you fuckers only come to the site for that reason (cool with me)
.. I have tons n tons of CPB to last us years!! And believe it or not i get sent some via email to use [gotta prove that’s you if ima use it]  anyway.. As you can see i have made a brown paper bag.. this bag will be in effect as of now.. Not all CPB’s come with a Cute face… lol SOOOOOOO i will be puttin these over the Wolfs and only the wolfs.. The others will get the Kookiee doe treatment as always.. that’s all. test>
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CPB VOL.1 Coming soon

COLD PEANUT BUTTER Vol.1 comming soon

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