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Mr. Oct 28th n change

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So i decide to jump on a plane for my birthday and take a trip out of reality ..
packed my camera n tri pod.. bought a ticket and called in sick to work
(camfone pics)

complementary drinks cuz my Russian comrades next to me were complaining about something.. so they gave my row free drinks .. i got vodka because im a lush and it was a shout to my new friends.. way to start a b’day? right? RIGHT

i wonder what im lookin at?


Dinner timeĀ  so we just cooled out at the bar real low key
Fried flying fish .. codfish cakes and one of these..


While im eating, my friends pop up with this cake shooting flames.. so unexpected very dope.
[shout out to rico n stunna]

wake up the next day..
“cake for breakfast .. yikes” [frank ocean voice]

actually had eggs n corn beef hash n hash browns for breffis..
cool with you? cool with me

look at them eyebrizzles [cali lingo] lol
cooled out this day just resting up for the night time madness..

night time madness

next morn.. lazy n drained..

while they KO i figa i soke some sun up..
face all swollen lol

this beer is trash DoT com.. but i drank it. #BALANCE

Gettin MrKrab for that crusty krab loot

settled for a krabby patty..

Picked up a MacBook Pro for myself a few days prior .. its cool .. i digg it. just did some skype [Doc_Munz] work …with my burger in hand #ez

Bigg Chillin with my cuzzin Trouble T [to my left, out of site] we split a bottle of jonnie walker black label and coconut water.

Final words on the the day.. BEST ONE EVER [bday].. obviously i didnt post all pics.. but just enuff to stay clear. but do understand that shit did get Nigg’norant

coming soon