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I Recently got checked out for all STDs… And im Clean through and through..
But not everyone can be Floyd Mayweather out in these sheets (undefeated), so i stocked up..
this isnt a “get tested” post, ill save that one for another time but more like a WRAP it up post.. so WRAP it up.. check out sites like if u wanna stock up like ya boy

CBP [Meaty Rump]

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Grab what you can….

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while you can.

Words from your Captain

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21142031OB4CL2 artwork.. dope!

38869Mars Blackmond had a wish.. it came true, kinda sorta

2ea809cfOnce apon a time Bart was the only Black one

shawnna-at-the-strip-clubBackroom at strip club DTPs shawna was Shawnoff

glassesFor some reason, i think i could pull these black 3d glasses off  on a daily

monicadangerDanger.. She smashed the homies.. and she really is preggy.. congrats “Mommy”

condoms-12477How is this not funny!!

wenn-lvoor__oPtWTF HAPPEND TO LISA !!?? skreech would prolly pass on this ass now days

ihiThis was my wallpaper at one point

mya-21OMG… u see these thighs on Mya??! dear lord..

found these pics in a folder called “post deezinz” dont know  what i had in mind for them but wat ever it was i forgot.. fuck it.

Should we go to Canada or Brazil ?

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Mannnn do i need to say any more??!!  for more  ladies>>> Continue reading

Must Be The Jeans

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Ri Ri’s Butt lookin kinda plump


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Boobs got the “Oh word” look right here


Bengi is in deep thought