Oh you Fancy HUHn?!?!

“RAYMOND” Noodle soup is always clutch .. but to me that shit gets boring and dull about half way through your pack of 50 that you got for $2.29 lol.. what i like to do is dress it up a bit [unless they’re noodles from the west .. those come fresh dressed and u can eat those all day errday]… So yeah, there are always some random veggies in the crib.. all you need is a pepper [green red yellow] a onion.. some mushrooms.. garlic.. spinach [pulls it all together] .. and what ever other veggies you want to add.. uhhm  raw chicken breast [ if you dont have breast cut the meat off a drum stick or thigh] honestly you can use any meat u like .. just pan fry it b4 you add it.. if you dont have any thing fresh you can cut up some left over meat [real talk]  .. ok so boil ya noodles in a pot.. in frying pan add the veggies [not the spinach]  and meat [cover it] the meat will cook faster from the steam brought on by the veggies..  take the top off  and brown it a bit.. add the chopped spinach or un-chopped baby spinach[adding it late keeps the color] drop ya noodles in there wet but don’t add the extra water toss with tongs.. add that lil packet that comes with the soup [ or season on ya own.. either or]  have a blast

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