WAY COOL!! Wacom ‘Inkling’ Records Everything You Draw, Digitally Imports As Vector/Bitmap Graphics

This is the Wacom ‘Inkling’ ($200, mid next month), a special receiver and pressure sensitive ink pen that records your actual drawings for digital import and computer manipulation AS EITHER BITMAP OR VECTOR GRAPHIX

While there are other ink-to-digital pens out there, the difference here is Wacom’s pressure technology. Recording 1024 levels of pressure, the Inkling will capture ever nuance in your drawings. This is how it works:
• Take the stylus and receiver out of the neat portable box.
• Clip the receiver on top of any paper notebook and start drawing. Don’t worry about space: the receiver can store thousands of pages, according to Wacom.
• When you are done after a day, connect the receiver to the computer via USB and browse all your drawings, exporting the ones you like to Photoshop or Illustrator or any typical graphic format, from TIFF to JPG.

I cant front kiddos, I WANT! , I immediately think of Bam .. J’Spice.. Lamour.. Cine.. aLex… Sycko.. You kno?.. the kids that DO DOODLE. this shit is so fuckin epic.. i have not been this excited since i got my new bang bros password and username JOKING JOKING.. not really.

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