I am what i am

I live in the souls of men, and women
And pilgrims and children who wiggle, to the rhythm
Just go, the people have corrupted themselves
They toke the devil’s smoke, puffing their l’s
I’ll send, my only son down, to bless you
And observe how you know him, and that will test you
Years, of sufferation, will burn the nation
With adultery, skirt-chasin and crotch-blazin
You never learn – look how many times I kilt ya
I burnt ya, I drowned ya, I froze ya
I stripped your land and destroyed ya culture
Next time you better give me some
R-e-s-p-e (c-t) now wont ya? but I love ya
I invented aids but also, invented the rubber
Each one teach one brother
Take my name in vain and you’re gone like damn
Call me what you want, but I am what I am

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