WOuld you WIFE?

i said NO!, cuz i dont want no midget kids.. im sorry.. 4`9??? im sayin that is the best 4`9 i have ever seen.. but nah son fuck all that.

4 Responses to “WOuld you WIFE?”

  1. hmmmyes…yes indeed…add her to the others…a perfect number….

  2. MIdgets,being so rare..may be less wicked and guilty of crimes..morally”cleaner” thats one theory anyways..Wh
    at exactly is the cut -off mark..when are midgets no longer midgets.

  3. bruce yelvington Says:

    He’ll yea I love it ur sexy

  4. bruce yelvington Says:

    Let me get ur number and I will call and text all day and night with u

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