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G.I. Jones

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(quick mix)
Honestly this is one of the most solid mixtapes to hit in a long time… Bars for days like a jail house turned soap factory… I really dont want to say to much about this mixtape ,  it comes down to quality over promo .. lol.. basicaly niggas gonna have to step it up after hearing this one. #fact
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SneakerCon 2011 // New York City

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What shoes is munz holdin?>Whos that EB is chating with?

i know jewel neezy neesha nessa woulda had a blast, maybe one day yall can hit it up.. no big write up.. not much to say .. watch the vids look at the pics.


Stunna Paris X Fabolous

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Nate Dogg

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I was bored.. the original mix is wayy longer.. RIP bruh
Tpain and Akon had no chance while you was up n running
Joints for dayzzzzzzz

Whos tryin to roll

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Pick it up pick it up pick ups….

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I feel like i have not done pick ups in a min so  hereya go…

A pricey ass pillow.. king size for the prince. the car wreck put me on the fritz

i needed some bath towels so i picked up a few.. dey was only like  5 bucks

You already kno.. I hope you’re poppin these also

Bottom one gets flavor the top one gets original… real talk

Best shoes ive picked up in like a year deff in my top 10.. cant wait to wear them out the house lol

raw raw raw.. they was on sale for 13 bucks.. you think its a game?

lol.. i guess you can say i paid for these.. he didnt takem out for free. who wants em lmao

Night catches us

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In 1976, complex political and emotional forces are set in motion when a young man returns to the race-torn Philadelphia neighborhood where he came of age during the Black Power movement.

This flick is pretty good the soundtrack/score is the truth.. i been on my indie shit lately dont really care for anything other.. big time hollywood just dont cut it.