Why do you need this much salt?!

So this is my collection of sea salts


  1. Himalayan Pink
  2. Black Hawaiian
  3. Kala Namak- Indian Mineral Salt
  4. Alaea Hawaiian
  5. Alderwood Smoked

Why do I need this much salt you ask?

Well they all have some special qualities that I like. The Himalayan Pink is great for general use like in soups, stews and veggie dishes (whatever one would normally put salt on.) The Black Hawaiian I use just to bring some contrast to food for example I sprinkle a few black grains in this light brown caramel popcorn dessert snack. I love salty sweet combos. The Kala Namak is the most unique salt I have. It is sulfurous so it taste and smells a little like hard boiled eggs. It not too bad to deal with, but it so great if your making a tofu scramble for breakfast or I use it in my southern style potato salad with gives it a nice flavor. The Alaea Hawaiian is very similar to the Himalayan Pink . Last but not least the wonderful Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt a must have. It smells so good. It make me feel like I’m in the middle of a forest cooking over a open fire. The other good thing is that Sea Salts in moderation are beneficial because they have traces of minerals & iron that our body needs. I would be happy to hear posts about other types of sea salt or any gourmet products people are enjoying and why!


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