Everybody knows this flick. but can u name them

i can only name a few
Eric B. is standing in front like a goon
Rakim is on left of G Rap
Kool G Rap is on middle right (brown leather)
Freddie Foxx is under Ra [rakim] and G Rap [kool g rap]
50 Cent [Kelvin Martin] is on the bottem right (the real 50 cent)
 Supreme Magnetic is on top of 50 on eric B’s shoulder
if im not mistaken Killer ben [Benjamin O’Garro] is in green?

lol theophilus london on the bottom left just kidding!

4 Responses to “Everybody knows this flick. but can u name them”

  1. Ok.. I will attempt to correct the errors in this pic analysis:

    I will start by pointing out the ppl I do not recognize

    the guy in the Celtics jumpsuit, the guy in the upper right corner and the guy sitting between Eric B & Rakim.
    Now for the ppl i DO recognize (from top left to bottom right):

    Rap (Supreme Team), Eric B., Rakim, Kool G Rap, Supreme (Supreme Team), DJ Polo, 50 Cent (The Original)

  2. That’s not the supreme team from Jamaica. The Spanish dude is supreme magnetic. 50 cent rockin the Adidas shit. Dude in the celtics is killer Ben. It’s the paid in full posse from fort Greene Brooklyn

  3. Lamier None Wilson Says:

    Rapp (supreme’s brother) Aj from queens, rob garcia, keith money green, eric B, Ant live, rakim, G rap, 50 cent.

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