Body of a Boy Found in Bags On Bronx Path

 On December 5th, 12 year old Donnell Porter left for school as he did every other morning although later that night when he didn’t return his mother and sister Patricia started worrying. They then received a phone call from someone claiming they had Donnell and would kill him if they did not get $500,000. They received several phone calls that night from the kidnappers trying to work out how they would get the money and threatening them not to go to the police. His older brother Richard claimed he could not get his hands on the cash as all his money was tied up. Frustrated on not getting the cash, the kidnappers called Rich and told him to go to the bathroom of the McDonald’s on the corner of 125th and Broadway and look under the sink. Rich went there and found an envelope containing one of his younger brother Donnell’s fingers and a video tape containing footage of Donnell begging Rich to give them the cash and crying over the loss of his finger.

Scared that her brother would be killed Rich’s little sister Patricia dressed as a boy (worried the house was being watched) and went to the cops where things went from bad to worse. The cops told the Porters not to answer any more calls until they could get a tracer on the phone. Obviously when the Porters stopped answering the calls the kidnappers knew what was going on and stopped calling. On the 10th of December the Porters got a letter stating that Donnell needed medical attention and the last chance they would have to get him back would be to go to a pay phone and wait for a call, the call never came.

On the night of January 3rd 1990 a couple of Bronx police officers knocked on the Porters door and told Mrs Porter that her son had been found dead, as she started crying and screaming out Donnell’s name the cops questioned why she was screaming “Donnell” and asked her if she had a son named Richard? Rich was found murdered from a close range shot.

On January 28th the cops returned to the house and told the Porters that they had found the body of a 12 year old boy they thought was Donnell. After viewing the body he was indentified as being Donnell Porter.

The man responsible for kidnapping Donnell was his own uncle Johnny
[pic of Jonny and Rich below]

5 Responses to “Body of a Boy Found in Bags On Bronx Path”

  1. What kind of stuff is this? Where they do that at & how could you kill your own family? Over crack though, thats not that serious.

  2. i know how you feel tho

  3. Kristina Sierra Says:

    I just watched the movie Paid In Full for the first time last night. I never realized how crazy the game could get. I am a 16 year old junior (female) and that movie opened my eyes in many ways. You can’t trust everyone you call your family and that’s exactly why. Donell’s life ended before he even started to live. He will forever be in my heart.

  4. I hate drug dealers. They are the lowest scum on earth. I only wish I could exterminate each of them one by one. Do to them what they did to little innocent Donnell. The young boy had nothing to do with the drug game and he didn’t do any harm to anyone. His uncle is a lowdown nasty pos nigger.

  5. Says:

    What this is, is an example of the love and godification of money and what they are willing to do for it. But this is done on many different levels of incomes or profits however

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