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Youtube snake

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So basically while waiting for vids to load all you do is press your up arrow and :bung: game start
i just for this out today while catching a fit.. i pressed all the buttons and saw the snake… lol it was like a caveman looking at fire for the first time.. i was like wtf.. then i slowly fucked with it and figured it out. fuck all of you who didnt share this info

Snaggle Jay is ABOUT THAT

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I’d definitely like to dedicate this to all my female supporters 
like “Ehjawodowunduwydonwbaybaaay”

Chill for a bit

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Real talk i will pull over the car and dance to this.. ask about it.


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Nickelodeon’s My Brother & Me Current Pics of cast members…

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Wild? i think so… i think its time we let go… they did. PEACE

A Hero Leaves us…. RIP Troy ‘Escalade‘ Jackson

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We just got some BREAKING NEWS that streetball legend Troy ‘Escalade‘ Jackson passed away in his sleep last night while in Los Angeles!

Troy ‘Escalade’ Jackson (brother of former NBA baller and analysis Mark Jackson) gained popularity while playing streetball during the AND 1 Mixtape Tour. Troy was born in Queens on January 11, 1976 and played basketball in college while attending the University of Louisville.

More recently, Escalade played for the Ball Up Streetball team.

News spread fast out of Los Angeles as various sources close to Troy are confirming his death. Countless summer leagues and a streetball legend, Troy will be EXTREMELY missed

i have so many words for how sad this is.. i will keep to myself. much respeck


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Dont worry folks we gonna be alright.. I promise, walk with me I got you.