Jwoww [From jersey shore] nudeish?

So apparently Jwoww like many other vh1 made stars who have come b4 her has been “Exposed” [basically someone shared her nudes and they spread fast as if a lil black n white monkey sneezed them in to a crowd]..  i honestly have no connection to this show unlike previous shows [rayjshow] i mean ive never seen an episode of the jersey shore and I don’t care to.. to me the show is somewhat disrespectful to respectable american-EYEtaliens ; that and i live in “longuyland”  i grew up in this shit , really don’t need to see it on t.v.////  although Munz doesnt support all types of ignorance i do support TITS.. and that my friend is what the fuck this is all about.. right?    [tits after the fist pump jump]

you didn’t think it was that easy did you? lol click the pic and give ya lil peen a fist pump under the covers you pervs lol

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