Your in store for Urine store

Thats right folks.. im sellin my piss. [Dont judge me]
seeing how niggas is making gwap off selling ….

sperm [One center advertises rates of $1 to $45, depending on the quality of sample. Another center promises up to $200 a week for weekly donations for 6 months.]

Eggs [Compensation for previous and/or proven egg donors can range from $6000-$10,000]

Plasma plasma collection centers in the US who typically pay up to $35 per each donation, with a maximum number of donations of two per week.

Hair .. pussy  etc etc..

Look folks .. maryJjuana will be legal in a few short years, but just because its legal will not mean ppl wont have to pass piss test ..POW there it is. More ppl smoking, more clean piss needed.. ill start  selling now to pot heads coke feens n such.

two sizes available now: regular nigga (1st pic) and Sports star (2nd pic)


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