End of 10 start of 11

First I’d like to wish everyone a slappy new year a merry christmas n happy mlk day..  quick shout to those folks who hit me to check on me makin sure i was still kickin since i stopped uploading.  uh, between  moving ..working ..the lady… n the site stalkers .. just
so much happening at once, i kinda wanted to put a bullet in the site.. but after a talk with a good friend (thank you for always being there, love you still!!) i decided fuck all the rubbish  im in it to win it. GUNS N PORK!
 “sooo whats been hapOnin munz?”… well let me show you
Soooo Z drew all of us^ as a gift.. i thought she did a great job


my lil ones ^ ,i lovem.. i made them take a pic for mom

it snowed alot..

i ate some poos-E

found a dope pic of the prince and jeff.. maybe me and cam can remake

The game came to BET… fuck is up with their hair styles?

Paul wall got slim

Crashed in to this car^… banged up my knee, shit sucks.. i been down for like 2 weeks now ill be iight, see what i mean.

found a dope pic of some shmoov doods.. soooo tuff no?

cpb on the way

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