HaPPY Oct 28th Mr.Munzo

Although they often get a bad press astrologically, Scorpios have very perspicacity and a compassion which reaches out to troubled people, even though this may not always show on the surface. being deeply emotional themselves, Scorpios understand and accept the feelings and pain that other signs often find they cannot handle,  Scorpios have a hidden and secretive side and are not averse to using their very deep understanding of other people for their own ends- usually directed towards gaining power. 
God blessed the child… to many thoughts to think it through.. shout to all my folks.. text inbox was nuts so was facebook  twitter n such.. phone was just burnt from all the love n best wishes, at one of the lowest times in my life feelin alone n lost .. just down, everyone’s love brung my right back. “im high again” Peace to all

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