01. Chuuch!!! (featuring J. Prince)
02. Trillionaire (featuring T-Pain)
03. Just Like That (featuring Young Jeezy)
04. Put It Down (featuring Drake)
05. Right Now (featuring Pimp C, 2Pac & Trey Songz)
06. That’s a Song (Skit) (feat. Bluesman Ceddy St. Louis)
07. Countin’ Money (featuring Yo Gotti & Gucci Mane)
08. Speak Easy (featuring Twista & Bluesman Ceddy St Louis)
09. Lights, Cameras, Actions
10. I Git Down for Mine
11. Snow Money(featuring Raekwon)
12. Ridin’ Slow (featuring Slim Thug)
13. Let ‘Em Know
14. Listen (Skit) (featuring Bluesman Ceddy St. Louis)
15. All a Dream (featuring LeToya Luckett)
16. It’s Been a Pleasure (featuring Drake)
17. Gladiator (featuring Truck Buck)
18. Sext Me (featuring Just Brittany, Candi Redd, Surreal,Troublesum RawLT)
19. Real Live (featuring The Gator & GLC)
20. Git In (featuring Big Capp & Young Money Moe)

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