BBq Bash

Sooooo basically there was a gathering at the BBQ spot thrown by the good folks at ExtraButter and Milk&Honey [flyer somewhere around here] … of course i had my camera on me.. but i really wasnt planing on taking pictures like that.. these are the results of me getting  my new lens  earlier in the day and testing it out there.. so TEST SHOTS [reason for some many of the same pics] … lol they didnt come out half bad. My name?.. My name is Munz
Oh shout out to everybody clowning my Running shoes

2 Responses to “BBq Bash”

  1. […] the ANYAKNODIZ site for the rest of D’s photos… and thanks to everyone else who came through and the […]

  2. DOOOOOOOC! Nice…. I’m lovin it xoxo

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