ConFLik – The Warm up

FINALLY! .. ConFLik Released his Mixtape THE WARM UP this month and he made sure I got my copy [been waiting for a min]…. For all of you that don’t know “Flik” [as I like to call him] is a Rapper/wordsmith/lyricist from New York , Queens to be exact; I know Flik from a networking pool that we both belonged to and took full advantage of with promotions and contacts back in the day, I stayed in contact with him through out.. mostly due to a track that he sent me called “Get Ready” , I said to myself I gotta hear more from this guy… i need to grab me a copy of his joint when he drops it, a year or so later here we are today with the full banga The Warm up, this mixtape holds up to the greats who walked and shook up the underground rap scene before him… this shit is all the way NYC street hop.. nothing bubble gum or laffy taffy about it.. In a time like this where hip hop/rap is kinda lame in the sense that most people who are involved in it fall in line and take it in the direction of whats popular and not in the direction of what they feel The Warm up is a breath of fresh air.. I usually don’t post tapes from newer artist for the reason I mentioned ..really just cause they usually don’t follow through with things ..Lack of discipline..  if you don’t take your art serious how can anyone else?,also most other shyt be wack lol. Honestly the quality of this album could be a bit better but that takes nothing away from the content, and I know in time that wont be an issue.. this is The Warm up after all.. Enjoy

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