Latest n greatest

Lets start it off with saying RIP to Gary Coleman “goop hair it is”
god bless .. they cant bother you anymore.. other then this loss the last few weeks have been damn fine lol… here are some camera fone pics and some  Kookie Dope pics..
Nigga shit.. lil tv on top the broken big one.. and one for games
out in Clifton NJ.. pump em
C and his baby… drive bys all day
wraping up at Milts bbq, where i put a hurtin on that chicken
Me gettin my Raiden on
C had on the brain wrecks i had on the denim
the corny ironman mask
u see the flossin ass beads on C.MartyMars neck? street rat deal
Had to fry up some fish n Noodles.. i had a dirty joke for this .. but i wont go there haha

 50 cents goes far
Me lookin like puffy in coscos.. got yelled at for laying on the floor with there shit on

well.. why not?

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