City Field/Bam’s Bday

It’s Bam’s birthday today…WEOOOOOOOOOW! We surprised him Tuesday night by showing up at the Mets game – he was already there with Bree when we bombarded the place.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

And here are super buttery photos taken by the world renown, Pee Wee Herman-partner in crime – Doc Munz…, so many sick shot, including many of us from behind (AYYYYY!)! We also have some other photo gems on our facebook that Jacquie uploaded – so head there as well to check ‘em, or add us if we aren’t friends!!

Oh and by the way…Shake Shack is official, the Mets beat Philly 8-0 (and continued to shut out sweep the next 2 games), and we went nuts chanting “Let’s Go Mets!” the whole way out…HAPPY BIRTHDAY BERN GULLY!
VIA -Cinematic/Extrabutter

thanks for the love

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