Whats going down round town…?

I got called out for being a comedian/Slacker.. i was to send Xstal these shoes a min ago.. she made that known on twitter and i took a pic of them to be a dick 🙂

I FOUND MY AFRIKKA PIECE!!! .. been missing for a few days .. more like a week.. but it was found and returned safely and now its back and im feeling oh so black.. IIIIIIIII’M BLACK YALL

“Boobs” the goonta AKA powder man in the crib haha… had a burffday, we didnt get to hang but i owe you a night. we all gona go out and get wasted, check out the candle.. thats how hood we keeps it.
Had to pick up some undies… it got hot out reallll fast .. n the balls was sweating.. shout out to 30 dollar polo undershirts.. da fuck.

Wimp ass dog tried to violate me .. u see this? lol

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