This aint no game, it a love thing.

now get back to your hooty hoo!

Nobody can fuck with me.. im sure of it.. put up the bread if you think different. “I puts my feets all up off in it!” haha, Beast at worst.

i was jamming to this.. try n feel me.. Munz mix

Benji is out of town this month some place out in Oklahoma , while doing some grocery shopping of course he called ya boy up [MEEEE]  asking to throw him a few ideas.. and i threw him a few, one of them was a basic version of this above.. but yeah while explaining it my belly got to talkin.. tawumbout “growl growl growl”  lol.. i was gonna do a vid  showing him how to do the damn thing but i got caught up dancing singing  and cooking.. Snapped a few pics insted and forgot all about this nigro.

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