Asalamalakum Guru

We say fair well to a hiphop LEGEND today, one of the last great memorable voices of my time. Guru, one half of the hip hop group Gangstarr passed away after a vigorous fight with cancer. Losing someone is always hard, as I sit here and think about this I find myself getting very upset sad and somewhat depressed.. its tough enough when an icon moves on but when a hip hop icon moves on its even tougher, this culture where I live breathe eat sleep laugh play and love is leaving us .. breaking apart as time moves forward.. and I have a feeling we will never get it back. I Guess Memories ,history, catalogs will keep hip hop and guru alive for a long time, right? …I guess its like he said “LEMONADE WAS A POPULAR DRINK AND IT STILL IS..”  …lol real quick… ” YOOOO Remember Mass appeal!!! … Militia!!!…  Moment Of Truth!!!… Work!!!… I’m The Man!!.. Skills!!! .. You Know My Steez!! wow.

Again paying much respect to one of the Gods
paying no mind to Solar

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