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Lol shout’out to everyone who is haunted by this song

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I’m “The Enforcer”

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Found a few dope pics online today, alot of  right click “save image as” .. This one was a no brainer PeeWee and Kermit .. WHAT!?!? i was all over this. I collected a few cleaveage shots also [no perv lol]  i have not mastered the “artsy” look for that shit,so i borrow..  ill try using film next time i try.  Robot chicken was on, shit was funny like always..Cosby is on now, Theo is about to fiight the “Enforcer” cuz he stuck a “joint” in his note book .. lol dude kinda looks like a young Dr.Dre.
Speaking of the west coast We watched True romance earlier, i need to stop watching it.. like 4 times this week, Loving it .. Whats ya fav part?i know u seen it everyone hasANNNNNND Since we in the land of the chuck Ts in the hollywood area .. lets roll up North,  North Hollywood to be exact haha check me getting my Nardwuar on, just connecting shit lol anyway… I deff gotta shout out Nikki Noodles for holding a brother up Blasting my house [AYKD], you fucktards are missing out if you dont check her out… Dope all the way around [on me] click the pic or her name to get to her site and stay there… Alot of dope dope shit. pluss she wears cut off shorts and Dr Martin style boots Ahhhh and shes tatted. WINShout out to GABZILLA for this candid of Roose , J~Spice and I

Soooo im going to rest my head.. and bump this tune.. a tune from way back.. back wen rap was worth something.

The P is silent

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Kookie Dope

when im bored i snap shit

You might wanna lick or click the pic

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Kermz got sick

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Die Antwoord

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Junk in motion


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