idea fail#1 : Jewel heist picture story

one fail of many.. so like 2 years ago i had this idea to do a few picture stories.. i was brain storming over concepts, i wanted to do something clever for my first.. HOW BOUT A Jewel heist! YEAH! .. ill have crime Bosses relaxing in a hot tub discussing crime n shit.. n get stuck up n robbed of their one of a kind  jewels.. in my head at that moment i figured THIS WILL BE EPIC.. lol.. so im thinkin it over for a few days.. who can i get to do this.. im scoutin ppl on the low.. im thinkin i’d get all my boys n have one of my lady friends be the robber.. den im like nah cuz first, who the fuck has a hot tub and B, why the fuck would i make dude soup for a damn story told thru pics [gay].. den im like “haha : Dude soup:BING soup!! seafood soup.. pearls …PEARLS! Clams! yea  Ill rob the clams for their pearls [lol thats how i think.. in “pops”.. my mind be like pop Pop POP .. snowball effect. not always good if i dont slow down]  anyway.. Soooo long story short i get the clams.. i start snappin flicks that same day.. im goin in super hard like imma pull off some insane shit.. i had fake pearls n everything.. ok so  it’s going good until i start to think about the dumb shit im doin… Robbing clams? cMon D.. wtf that gotta do with anything and clams dont have pearls fuck face.. and why are clams bosses.. and why would they be in a hot tub.. this aint sponge bob son.. fuck outta hear with that bullshit..  third pic down was made to look like they had their hands up as if i was stickin them up… NO GUN?! you buggin.. finger point robbery lol.. Why am i robbing them? and not a fish or something.. I DUNNO….   man there was like 7 other pics.. i cant find them.. or  maybe i dont wanna lol .. “shoot out” ..”car chase” kinda sorta.. Hot wheels? ehhhh… GOOD thing this never came out.. might still be explaining my self lol .. to end it off.. i canned it.. like many others after..good idea, gone bad … G’Night

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