How to pull off a Snuffy Aka a SnuffalufaBitch [ten steps]

1] let her step out of line
2] let her continue to cross this line
3] side eye her
4] make her believe you dont want it by looking away
5] scan the room like nothing is going on
6] get mad
7]get real mad
8] Cock back
9] when you scan across her … eye her chin..
10] release … let the drink guide you

How to speak EYEtalyan 101 [snippit]
combine any of these to make friends

“How ya dewn?”
“yous guys”
“ova hea ova ther”
“ya motha”
“slick out the mouth”
“bro.. bro .. bro.. bro”

[inc. longGuyland .. Joy-Z shore]


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