The Rules

The Rules:

1)     Rule one is that rules don’t apply to us.   Rules are for those on the other side.   Demand that those on the other side follow the rules.

2)     Rule two is to do whatever is required to create and maintain power and control, BUT 

3)     Always present a good public image.   Remember that the ultimate crook is the person or group who never gets caught engaging in socially unacceptable or criminal behavior.   You can take either of two routes here.  You can be a public person who is looked-up-to, respected, honored, trusted, and is often considered a pillar of his society.   Or you can be a behind the scenes power broker who is all but invisible to the public.   

         If you choose the behind the scenes route, you’ll need to create an organization that can and will be in the public eye.   Foundations are excellent front for our activities.  In the midst of thousands of legitimate foundations, ours will be all but invisible, and besides, we can do a few things that the public likes a even raise money doing it.

4)     Set up a front man to face the public and to peddle our agenda.   The front man must present an appealing, wholesome  image.    He must be either  a master salesman or have some credentials that give him the respect of the masses.   War heroes and born again sinners are the two top selling credentials.

        What the behind the scenes people do is a completely different matter.   Lies, cons, half truths, manipulation, blackmail, bribery, murder, wars and the like are all OK.    Just keep the front man clear of any connection to what is really happening.

5)     Always claim the high moral ground, always claim that God is on our side, and always claim that the Devil, himself, is ruling the opposition.

6)      Always keep our public figures  at least three steps removed from anything that could be damaging to their credibility.   Remember, if you put even only one step between you and whatever you want to hide, the public will simply not see the connection.

7)     When writing rules, always make an exclusion clause  for yourselves. 

8}     Design the rules so that you can follow the letter of the law and at the same time, completely ignoring it’s intent.   The auto insurance industry has the world’s best example of this.   Our legislators passed a law prohibiting insurance companies from charging higher fees because of where a driver lives, so they now they base their fees on “the zip code where the car is garaged.”

9)     Create a secret language  with which you can give orders and never be held accountable for giving those orders.

10)   Set up secret groups to do the illegal, unethical or immoral tasks.  Off shore groups are easy to hide, and so are secret factions within government organizations.

11)   The best way to avoid getting caught is to have on your payroll a few people in key positions in the various  criminal investigation systems.

12)   When the public demands an investigation, be sure that our investigation team controls those doing the investigating.   Have them do a very thorough examination of aspects of the crime that lead away from us and simply ignore anything pointing in our direction.  The Warren Commission’s investigation on the Kennedy assassination is a good role model to follow in this regard.

13)   Set up organizations, government agencies, foundations, and the like with the public persona of serving the people by solving social problems.   Focus entirely on the symptoms, make a lot of hoopla, and the public will think you are actually doing something.  BUT… Never, never go after the source.   If you do, you could actually solve the problem and put your self right out of business.   The anti-drug war   is our shining example here.

14)   If we have good news to report, be sure our front man tells it.    If we have bad news, always have someone else tell it.   Always keep our front man as pure as possible.   In many cases, it will be best to have disposable team members make statements, make accusations, and ask controversial questions.

15)   Misinformation and disinformation are great tools for conning and manipulating.   Use them profusely.

16)    Share information on a need to know basis only.   Keep as few records as possible.   Classify as much as possible to keep the records secret.

17)    Never pay for unethical or criminal services directly.   Always use an indirect method with at least three levels of intermediaries so no one can connect you to the dastardly deed or to the crime if it’s discovered. 

         You can easily payoff someone indirectly by having a club member  pay your obligation for you.    Use someone who appears to have no connection to you.   Then later through another club member you payoff that obligation through another intermediary.   Make it so complicated that no one outside your inner circle can follow the money trail.

18)   Mislabel everything.  Call bribery, lobbying.   Call killing innocent people,  collateral damage.  Call taxing the public a service.

19)    Use smokescreens to divert attention.   When you want to hide an activity or when you want exposure kept  to a minimum, or when you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar, use  an emotion laden unrelated issue as a decoy.    This is also a good way to shift focus away from you.    

With this technique, you can distract people’s attention.   You can get them to focus on the decoy, and most of them won’t  see what’s really going on.   This is a variation of the classic distraction technique of waving flags with one hand while stealing a suckers wallet with the other.      

20)   If anything goes wrong, deny, deny deny.

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