Special Sauce 16th!


^Just cause^

So the other night was the 16th anniversary of Special Sauce.. Jay Evan and i rolled through and had a blast.. well Evan had a blast at the end of the night but thats a different story [level 5] haha.. anyway ,music was pumpin bodies were dancing  faces were smiling.. can’t beat that.. Uhm, as you can see i didnt take many pictures of the store itself, it was a full house, they had a DJ and drinks.. upstairs was the new Art exhibit room.. that is what you see in most of the pics.. i defiantly gravitated to the art work more than anything else.. shout out to the artist that showed me love.. i will be in contact. Thanks to Pete and Vanessa for the invite .. again congrats on the 16! many more!

Way to many pics>

2 Responses to “Special Sauce 16th!”

  1. YO thanks for the comments pickS and shout out THE CLOTHING LINE DROPS 2010 KEEP HITTIN UP THE SITE CHECK IT OUT


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