Watch out der na! (Invicta)


I have always had a thing for collecting random shyt…  im not usually seen wearing a watch but i have quite a few, kinda like most of my shoes ; i know i only wear but so many… i  fuckziz with the brand Invicta..  i guess its  kinda like my “nike”  .. i mean i do like other brands.. i just prefer…  NeWAY i have not had a chance to pick up or even look at any new pieces in a long time. The other day was my Birthday (25th) ; i pretty much woke up to these three bad bitches right here… My old ass wasnt expecting to be greeted with nothing more then a few hellos and happy birthday best wishes but dis lady felt the need to bring my mental back down memory lane.. presenting a feeling that i have not felt in a long time, one of excitement and wow.. man i just felt like a lil kid for some reason… the first words out my mouth were not “thank you” they were.. “why, why you buying me gifts FOR?!” lol


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