Took spanish one for four years, just so you know
Spit my shit right here

Óigame, malo muchacho
Mos Def con Tony Flaco, el idioma que yo hablo
Pretty young champ like Camacho, spittin the hot flow
B-Boy shout, Zulu gestapo, bro
You know my stilo, cigarrillo con tamarindo
Habichuelas negras, arroz amarillo
Yo soy suave viejito, campeón nacional como Tito
Bringin the heat bro, unique when I speak yo
Doin my Way like Carlito, beats by M-A-S-E-O
From Panama to Puerto Rico, play my jam on Caliente noventa y siete
On the expressway, and press play, see what ya neck say
Duro siempre, para mi gente, ganamos
Se acabó venga vamos, corillo, alcen las manos
Blowin ya spot like I got toast
A lotta MC’s is Def, but they not Mos, and not close
Understand it when I shine, all your light is through
Ya niggas wack in one language, I’m nice in two, fuck is you
[Mos def]

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