Paranormal Activity

DvD quality

3 Responses to “Paranormal Activity”

  1. cinematicsoliloquy Says:

    definitely enjoyed this. saw it in the theatres..i think some of the experience would be lost watching it on the comp..but i guess it might work. i want “anti-christ”…if it doesn’t come to long island i may cave in and freakin download it.

  2. i kno i got half way thru it.. i said fuck it ill watch later wen its a lil bit brighter outside, kinda creepy..

    i saw the link for anti christ… if u need it ill try n track it down

  3. WTF! Alright im lost…. I saw this CRAP! And it was WACK!… Slept like a baby… not scary at all… ok 1 part… that all

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