Where you been my nig? “TRINIDAD”



SN850218Boobz an Monk

SN850223me Monk an Poodle in da heart of Arima

SN850224me monk poodle an sello dog

SN850225sello posin 4 da pic

SN850226me an Squeeze Rankin a local trini soca artist

SN850214monk an the bottle of nuvo

SN850243patch an monk wit the gaza water bout 2 get twisted

SN850244monk,poodle,patch an brent the little 1 he not suppose 2 be in da pic we bad influence

SN850246my uncle nigel

SN850250stacy an nigel

SN850252me an my cuz stacy

SN850256baby caleeia

SN850260me my big sis shavon an granma

SN850263me my sis an my pops

SN850270me an my mom


SN850285me don,poodle an sperm

SN850287poodle,don sperm,nigel

SN850354da biggest concert of da year we vall it da Gaza

SN850291me an don bout 2 get it wit da henny

SN850292nigel an sperm chillin

SN850299dollaz don nigel

SN850300vybz cartel

SN850319me an don wit da swankiees

SN850320me dollaz an don gettin twisted

SN850322me don flexxin wit da shorties

SN850325sweet darkie forgot her name lol

SN850326don was showin me some chick but i was gone at dat point

SN850327everyone have an good time

SN850330me an goldee an i did not even kno the other shorty was grabbin my nuts on till the next day lol..

SN850331me an de girls

SN850332shorty was grabbin my gun an sayin freeze so i put my hand up lol


SN850335nigel an his girls

SN850336top shottas

SN850344poodle an his girl

SN850357me an my mom

SN850363my bro raldo showin off his tattos

SN850361dwight wit da trigga fingers

SN850359real goontas pic

SN850362me an my little bro

This vacation was a good one, i went down 2 trinidad 4 2 week suprise my mom 4 her b-day she didnt kno i was comin down da only person knew i was comin was my nicca monk anyway she was real happy 2 see me because she have seen me in like 3 years an my family was happy 2 see me also.the wheather was nice hot all day every day every thing back there is different since da last time i was there its more evolved now the city an da hood even da people. i enjoy the 2 weeks as u can see from da pic an wat u didnt see tough luck may be next time. but yeah i want 2 shout 2 everyone in da pics.. a big shout 2 AS1 family ANYAKNODIZ.COM an DoC MUNZ good lookin on da pics my nicca….


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