Big shout to my hommie.. the super hero.. Brentwood thoroughbred

By JOE D’AQUILA Staff Writer


TRENTON — An off-duty rookie police officer in pajamas saved his niece from the clutches of two men trying to abduct her yesterday. Police said the 13-year-old girl was walking near South Clinton Avenue and Mott Street when she was approached by two Hispanic males about 4 p.m. Trenton police spokesman Detective Sgt. Pedro Medina said the girl was visiting her uncle’s house. She was returning there after a trip to the grocery store when she was confronted by the men as she passed the Clin-Mott cafe, Medina said. The Trentonian is withholding the identity of the officer to protect the juvenile victim of this sex crime. Medina said one of the men grabbed the girl’s hand, kissed it and told her how cute she was. When she tried to get away, Medina said, the men grabbed her, forced her into an alley, pushed her up against a wall and began touching her inappropriately. A female neighbor, Medina said, saw what was going on and confronted the attackers. He said the two men cursed her and continued their activity with the girl. The woman ran to get the victim’s uncle, Medina said, while another neighbor tried to scare the men away. The officer had been sleeping after working the midnight shift and was still in his pajamas when his neighbor came to tell him what was happening to his niece. The officer, who joined the force in 2008, leapt into action and out into the street. Medina said the officer came upon the scene of the two men holding onto his niece, and he identified himself as a police officer. The men fled, Medina said, but the officer gave chase. One man was on a bicycle, the other on foot, but they were fleeing together, Medina said. The officer grabbed both of them at the corner of Hudson and Mott streets, Medina said, and a physical altercation broke out. During the struggle, Medina said, one the men bit the officer’s arm hard enough to break the skin. The officer still managed to hold onto the suspect that bit him until other officers arrived on the scene, but the second suspect ran. Medina said the officer was taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in Hamilton for treatment of the bite wound. It was unknown if the cop’s niece was physically injured during the attack. The man arrested was tentatively named as Jorge Arendo-Perez of Trenton, but Medina said police are still trying to verify his identity because he had no identification on him. The suspect was charged with aggravated sexual contact, aggravated assault on a police officer and resisting arrest. Medina said police are looking into the possibility that the suspect may be an illegal immigrant, and that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency was notified. The second suspect was described as an Hispanic male, about 25 years old, 5-foot-4, with short black hair and a ponytail. He was seen wearing a black baseball cap backward, a black sweater, baggy blue jeans and white sneakers. Anyone with information should contact the Trenton police confidential tip line at (609) 989-3663.

YO Tony, i hope u beat the brakes out of that man


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