Bung Bung

I would explain love as being a Choice a conscious decision which one makes. Love is a committment and one that is made with intelligences before it becomes a decision of the heart. I choose to love you with my mind before I love you with my heart because I beleive that you don’t fall in love you walk in love. Therefore it become imperative to love by choice and will and not by emotion alone. Because when one chooses to become emotional before loving intellectually then one often finds out that they have made a mistake. So Love is a committment and though it has emotions within emotion alone is not love. Simply stated love is not a feeling (feeling change so that’s y u could be in quote unquote love and out of love). To love only with your heart is to lost totally your mind. When you love first by choice then you can slowly engage your heart as your committment grows taking your relationhship to the next level.
P2170776The man spoke truth.. and he explained very well

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