If My train falls off the track… “This Weeks Pick Upz Pick Upz Pick Upz “

Spendin money on something other than bills is something i have not done in a min.. i felt like treating  myself .. sue me!PA080024Boxer Breeeefusis only.. I hate the fact that they come in a two pack, C’mon son..i really dont need boxers but i pick up some every other week or so… i got a 10 pair sock pack with 21 socks in it WTF.. i guess


PA080025Of course some 501 levis … back on my “raw dat” son… My kinda prices

PA080026OOOOooh Weeeeee “EK5TRA BUTTER”  … “Pacquiao” version and the “Butter wu version” YEEN GOT DEEZINZ SON!! lol

PA080027Orange n blk “Lumbering Jack” wit no hat to match lol.. this bitch is TUFF BIDDNEZZ

PA080030Do you KNO? lol We do we do we do we do we doooo

PA090001Lid is correct.. 10 deep killin that logo.. look familiar?

PA090007Gold n Silva Pens.. black pad.. FUN.. i’ve been killin TC and i see my infuance still shining.. but hey.

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