Photoshop wars 2003

We have always been internet kids.. b4 the myspace there were many small but known networks for ppl to gather on.. long story short.. my boy hollerd at this chick and she said some “slick out the mouth” shyt so.. we snatched her pic and had fun.. “yo who can fuck up this pic the worst?” …  man we went bck n fourth for a min… until i pulled the WIN


D.R. edit
i think i did good for a rookie

3 Responses to “Photoshop wars 2003”

    …um remind me to never get on your bad side!

    but this is fuckin excellent, aces for you.

  2. lol… ty, this was some years back, im actually good now

    you could neva be on my bad side kiddd

  3. lmaooo.
    photoshop is the devil.
    and you def pulled out the win.

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