Music and fotos.. thats all i care about..  Freedom.. Self expression.. love n peace.. Dont judge me.. dont hate me… dont like me.. FEEL ME! I dont knock you for wanting to be.. So please dont knock me for wanting to become.. I know nothing.. you know less.. I can see right through you.. im very clear so you might not see me.. theres a difference.. Maybe everyone isnt wrong, maybe there right.. Maybe, but the earth was flat at one point… just a thought.  Your Lies create more lies, verbal virus.. only way to stop it is truth and when truth steps in.. well u know.. Truth hurts.. Since most of you are acting i figure ill be supporting cast.. I jizz my pants everytime people think they pulled a fast one on me… I will let you tell me false truths… Because i am an asshole, i know but im buying time with your credit…  IM BACK ON THE MARKET though , im using again..  I have my reasons, Stress?….  well it aint because your here… where are you? I cant chase forever.. but you can frown forever.. i give you this you gave me that, bricks to the foundation.. it all comes down to this… WHY DO YOU DO IT? WHO DO YOU DO IT FOR? WHEN WILL YOU SEE?


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