RiP “Tiny Silver” The Mutant Goldfish


So about two years ago.. i threw a tiny ass goldfish [no bigger than my pinky] in to the pool.. the only reason i did this is because my turtle spared its life..  i wasnt gonna flush it so i figga.. “hey maybe he’ll live a few more days and die in peace”… ok so the pool was type dirty at the time.. and i threw him and another fish in the pool.. later that week we covered the pool.. the pool has been covered up until i took of the cover the other day .. so any way yesterday i say to my bro as im pouring bottles of bleach in the water “hey watch the fish i threw in here jump up and bite me haha” man i had no idea that shyt was still alive WTF so this morning i go to check the pump in the pool and i see this big fucking fish floating.. im like “No FUCKIN WAY!!” i bust out laughin and then it starts to hit me.. this fucker was in the pool for 2 years!! holy shyt this fucker  is huge.. i grab the net and pull this floater out of the mucky water.. and took some pics lol .. the Dollar is for size reference

3 Responses to “RiP “Tiny Silver” The Mutant Goldfish”

  1. NOOO WAY! that fish was living like a king!… why you killed him? thats messed up you monster!

  2. I shoulda saved that shyt for derick to throw on the grill .. lmaooo!!

  3. Damn that fish is huge!

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