KiD CuDi -MAN on the MOON: the END of DAY


So i copped Kid Cudi’s new album Man on the moon: The end of day , Like i explained to you on the mixtape post.. i didnt know to much about Cudi outside of the Day and night and Make her say songs , the mixtape was my true intro to the guy.. i love that mixtape although it didnt not fit my usual “choice”  of sound based on production.. but his talent OVER SHADOWDED  all of that.. the same with the album..  the way Cudi presents it is flawless and its done the right way, He really has no word play but a bunch of real words that are true and touch deep to each of the people who enjoy this album.. Real emotion .. Im proud of this album being his first [if that makes sense] like i was with Lupe’s first.. my only pickle with the album is lack of naration.. like i wish he would have had a different tone after each naration ,but yeah thats just me.. .. bottom line.. GO COP..SUPPORT THIS MUSIC [hmm]  not really hip hop.. or is it?


One Response to “KiD CuDi -MAN on the MOON: the END of DAY”

  1. uh oh. i disagree. i was so hyped for this…and after the first few listens i was happy. but i much prefer the mixtape he did with 10 deep. i like a lot of the sounds on this.. i prefer more hip hop to move in this direction, but he’s too simple. i really get annoyed when it’s like my 5th listen and i’m like damn this guy ain’t saying nothin’

    i mean he is…but it’s too simplistic. the commercial joints kill me too. enter galactic (new runway song)…and the last song – up up and away….”i’m gonna be judged anyway, so what-ever”……
    and yeah right on…ZERO word play.
    i feel fooled…but his voice is too good, and the sound as well. his best writing was probably for 808’s, i hope he can dig deeper.

    last few times i listened i tried hard not to hear the words or just make them out to be inarticulate sounds so i don’t think about what he’s saying.
    i already wrote about this on my site, but i’m just disappointed. the mick boogie mixtape you posted is dope…that, the fucking amazing Raekwon album, and some other non hip-hop shit. i’m waiting for wale…

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