MMMMmmmmmm Biiitttcchhhh

So Yesterday i had a craving for the ehhhh, “THE CHICKEN!”
I usually dont eat the shyt outside the house… dont know why..
but anywho, I went over to KFC  to grab a bucket.. really
i was in the mood for their honey bbq wings [bomb]
Saw them promoting the grilled chicken but… im convinced
its a plot to poison us… lol only because its over promoted..
the fact that its grilled means nothing if the fat and salt content
are identical to the greasiest fried piece.. lol just a thought.
Ok so… as im ordering my food [my massive amount of food ]
i start to think “maybe im ODin”.. im makin the guy give me my total
each time i add on to my order.. “and lemmie git a lrg mac n chez.. how much am i at?” “23.50” “ok lemmmie also git…”  i will not shame my self and tell you all the grad total but it was a bit much.. so i pay the man and he gives me a drink.. But nooo food.. he hits me with the “pull up right over there and we’ll bring the hand truck out.. pop ur trunk” lol nah but he did tell me to pull up so they could bring it out.. DAMN so much food i  turned Fast food in to Not so Fast food.. G shit

anyway, i enjoyed my lunch..
how was yours?


[i wonder what im going to eat today]

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