Impulse buy – FTW!! [rare find]


So im in the store last night picking up a salad and a soda… as a reach the counter , checking out all the candy that they purposely place at the cash register so people can impulse buy.. as i am laughing in my head at this funny scheme almost mocking it… i see “Def Jam’s : How to be a player”  for FIVE BUCKS!!  lmao.. how could i not grab this classic.. it was funny… i guess its sweets for some and great flicks for others [weakness]

i apologize

2 Responses to “Impulse buy – FTW!! [rare find]”

  1. i woulda picked that shxt right up too.

  2. i too saw this for 5 dollars… very tempted. instead i bought Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal Double Feature, and Radio. Something about Cuba with Mr. Dink teef…

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