Tyrese Gibson has everyone going HAM



So i was checkin out Black Ty on E tv a min ago and i saw what you just saw.. since i am a big fan of the guy and also a big fan of comics and collecting comics [more so back in the day]i deff wanted to pick this up next time i was around a comic shop.. actually i was gonna go online and cop it.. but long story short my bro n The RnP fam go HAM at the comic book store weekly/monthly.. so he picked up a copy on drop date.. 
I wanted to wait a while b4 i posted about this comic.. i was going to wait for the second copy.. but i said fuck it.. i want you all to stay connected ..

From jump this Mayhem guy goes HAM .. lol dude is bussing ass from cover to cover and hes not even thinking twice.. i will not give away the story.. go git it!.. i cant wait until the next issue.. i wanna know what happens, cant stop reading now..”CLIFF HANGER” like most comics..  Comic is released through Image, my favorite company.. the art work in here is crisp and the colors are rich.

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