This post is deticated to I.P.# [My Boyfriend]

ohhh boy do i dislike  the term “hater” you guys know this, i try not to say it.. i like “fan” better or “Boyfriend” so this song is deticated to my son…. I.P.#  .. wen can i take you shopping?

big shout to all my /b/ig /b/oys
[im sure my son the hypebeast will say he put me on to hackers too]

4 Responses to “This post is deticated to I.P.# [My Boyfriend]”

  1. Gitt'em MAmA Says:


    who who who?

  2. Aw thanks bro. The same guy who snickered at me skating and watching anime as if it was lame, but now has a blog plastered with images of both is calling me a hater. . . How the world turrns

  3. you must have me confused… im guessing your butt hurt about someone else and im the closest thing to that person.. its ok.. we must have been skating together back in 1996? back wen it was my thing.. why would i knock skating? or anime? your not making any sense

    all im askin is for a valid statement from you.. not some bs.. For someone who is claiming to be so “smart” you sure are an idiot

    lets hear it

  4. This will be my last comment ever on this blog. I’m not into promoting negativity, but after being put on to this blog and witnessing the complete 180° turn made by it’s owner I felt I had to comment. If for nothing else simply to remind people like D’arcy how small the world in fact is. Despite time first impressions have a long lasting impact.

    Dude was never total jerk to my friend and I, but when I met him he was perhaps lost and not the person presented in this blog. Pompous and condescending are words that come to mind though. As if his baller lifestyle was somehow superior to our “dorky” ones. It was literally like talking to someone impersonating Jay-Z. I never stated I put you on to anything, but I do recall you being “too cool” for several of the things you now embrace on your blog.

    So is it more likely that I’m wasting my time making all of this up, or that maybe. . . just maybe a few years back you were in a different mind state and have grown to be more well rounded in interest?

    It’s definitely a bit obnoxious of me to take it so far, and for that I apologize. Everyone changes and I’m all for that, but it’s lame when people clown something and later embrace it.

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