Im so wack for what i just did


12 Responses to “Im so wack for what i just did”

  1. Things sure do change. I remember you a few years back draped in baggy Rocawear track suits and sporting Tims coupled with a Jay-Z-esque demeanor. Fast forward a few years (and trends) later and we have what seems like a distinctly different person along with complementary “lifestyle blog”. I’m not insinuating you’re a bad person, but seeing your blog makes me ponder which is the real D’arcy.

  2. cam (Doc's lil bro) Says:

    Baggy Clothes? Track suits?? Rocawear??? JayZ-esque???? lmao

  3. I’m laughing too. . . On second thought you’re 110% correct. What was I ever thinking? That must have been another D’arcy, this one been wearing Visvim denim and Hyperstrike Nikes since 98′. My bad >.<

  4. cam (Doc's lil bro) Says:

    wow seem like youve been harboring these bad feelings for 11yrs lol… i can see y u need to vent >.<

  5. i think my bro is laughin at you and not with you, i’ll respond to you Mr inna sec…

  6. Thanks for pointing out the obvious. It would seem in trying to school me in sarcasm you exposed yourself for not recognizing it’s use. I harbor no ill will toward this Munz, but truth is truth. He knows what he was like a few years back, times changed and he did too. . .

  7. [only entertaining because i dont kno who u are]

    Me being Me i will allow you to have your opinion on me and my shyt … it really does not bother Me at all [you having your thoughts]… What bothers Me is an opinion or statment that was spoken before being thought out thoroughly [females usually make this error]… but-uh …“i remember you a few years back draped in baggy Rocawear track suits and sporting Tims coupled with a Jay-Z-esque demeanor”… lol comedy, Ehh I’ve never been a fan of the “baggy” look… I still wear Tims though but only in the winter [nothing new there] … so you failed… You clearly dont know me and only know of me .. its ok [i have many fans just like you] but please pay attention; imma learn ya something…

    If you make a statment and want it to be respected or even considered.. you need something called credibility .. this word credibility, is something you do not have, mainly because you have yet to say your name ..”what does your name have to do with it?”hmm, everything!! .. you clearly came on my blog .. MY BLOG and tried to “expose” me lol so you clearly want ppl to see this.. but the thing is.. if you want them to believe you then you might wanna prove that these things you say are fact.. FACT my friend is the only thing that counts in this world… i give you open space.. any time place day week or year to prove …NOT even.. to show me and my many many blog heads even a lil itty bitty piece of evidence that might lead them to you being correct.. you tried on the “Asian” culture post but failed there so i give you the easy easy easy test.. since we are on the topic of me “following trends” git on my gear [clothing/shoes] its easy.. ill help you out… ok fact. back in highschool round 02 03 when baggy was “trendy” was i doing that?? noope.. how bout my sneaker game back then wen i was wearing puma clydes Bo’s and dunks, while most kids was on that AF1 shyt [i have pics to prove all i say] ..why not be trendy wen it counts, in school? bottom line.. bring me some proof…. but seeing how you are a cowardly lion who just finished up listening to a g-unit mixtape and got gangastafied/ grew some balls after many many years… u probably wont. :0) Kill your self

    p.s. this being my blog and all i can easily edit and change anything you type.. but i wont. i want ppl to see this funny stuff.. thank you for checking out my blog.. and hey.. hit me up son.. im sure if you “know” me you have my # .. use it.. we will hang out .. ill take you shopping .. my treat.. daddy got this.. ill take you to Extrabutter.. ill introduce you to the fellas.. ill let you hear the new wale and Sean rose shyt i got in the whip… if not all of that maybe you will tell me your name.. u prolly wont do that because if you did im sure you will feel i own you [i do].. and think poorly of you.. lol or even better i might dismiss you if i knew who you really are lol comedy.. kill ya self

    wats worse den a nigga whos afraid to speak there mind?… a nigga afraid to back a statement with his name..



  8. WTF… YOU Again (FUNLOL) are you serious???
    OK its official… D you have a crush… FUNLOL has been fantasizing about you in a Jay-Z-esque demeanor… FUNLOL you studying this man real hard… Shiiit, I dont even now that.. then again, I didnt know D was a bully either… well according to you…. LMAO!

  9. Words from Kenny Burns….
    HATE can be a sign of attention… ATTENTION can be mistaken for affection… and AFFECTION is definitely a sign of LOVE… so keep hating and don’t congratulate, cause we never perpetrate… and we gonna stand on it until we fall off this MOTHER FUCKER

    SO PLEASE keep hating (FUNLOL)


  10. Gitt'em MAmA Says:


  11. Hate? Ok. . . Label it as you see fit BeNGi. In all honesty your ad hominem debating style is totally beneath me, but quite befitting for the likes of you. Now go look up “Ad Hominem”

    Anyway it’s pretty humorous that you’d write three paragraphs to retort claims that according to yourself and company aren’t valid. I’m not saying this you isn’t the true you, but it definitely wasn’t the person I met. Perhaps back then you scored a role as Dame Dash in some indie film and were in the midst of method acting for the part, idk.

    These people are your friends so I expect them to defend you, but when you meet a very shallow and condescending person who looks down on many of your interest only to advocate them a few years later it’s always slightly annoying.

    Good luck with this you. He seems like an eclectic and well rounded person, much better than that JayZ caricature I had the misfortune of meeting a while back.

  12. please refrain from using “ad hominem” or words of the sort 🙂 ..we low level small minded kids who are beneath you cant understand you.. speak kno, like how you talk to your friends , you do have friends?.. im not impressed that you retained info from a few classes you took. save it.

    3 paragrahs are fine.. you read them.. you understood them.. there was a problem and a solution… even with your lame atempt to sound “brand new” .. congrats

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