Cassie needs to be slapped.. HARD!


Damn yo, What the fuck happened?!?!  Cassie use to be that CHICK… but now shes just that CHICK.. you figga feel me? I can remember when she first came one the block and ppl was talkin bout “yo you seen that cassie girl that sings that Me and you song?, yo she is badd”  yup.. bad indeed.. up until the hair cut and the new tude…  these pics i came across not to long ago make cassie look like a poor decision maker.. Ok check it, boom!, you cant really sing that well but we deal with you because you are sooo cute.. WHYY fuck that up? Now you look like a circus de soleil clown mix with a Mad Max Max Beyond Thunder dome extra. Do you kno what im thinkin? ill tell ya.. what happens wen she wants to grow it back? its gonna look “FUCK buckety” … either that or shes gonna have to go fully shaved.. right? str8 Amber rose…. maaannn o man.. what a mess.. anyways.. lets take a look back at this fool .. back when she was that CHICK!

Munz OUT!

for some more pics cassie_ventura-811880cassie_splash202-cassie-082007

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