Amerie – Because I Love It [2007]

62721yu“Forever my lady, its like a dreeaaaaammm”  lol

AMERIE!!!!!!!!!! Aahhhhh shes such a great talent, all of her albums are dope.. i will be sharing the other two later on but right now we are gonna focus on this one “Because i love it”  and i really do.. you will too.. im sure of it.. in a time where new music its complete trash we must take a look back and dig in the crates for goodies that may have been looked over.. i love spinning at a party and playing nothing that has come out in the last 2 years and still rocking harder than the others spinnin that new trash.. A Gem is what this album is, What beyonce is trying to capture now and is getting praised for now[ ex. the B-day album] ..Miss Amerie has been doing for a while. Heavy hitting beats with little melody make room for Amerie to add her own flavor to the mix..hypnotising vocals.. this is the future of RnB [i called it a while ago,i said something like..  hip hop’s lack of “essentially, focuS, general meaning, gist, gravamen, gUts*, heart, import, innards, kernel, marrow, mass, matter, meat*, name of the game, nitty-gritty, nuB, nutS and bolTs, pith, point, purport, quintessence, sense, significANCe, soul, staple, strength, stuff, subject, sum total, tenor, themE, thrust, upshot, virtuality, way of it” can not handle heavy knock, samples Etc Etc.. so they hide behind and settle for the over dramatic fony million piece orchestras as a cover up to take your mind off the reality.. the truth.] Take a track like “HATE TO LOVE YOU” this track should easily be a hip hop joint.. but.. hey im talkin shyt huh? lol i could go on n on n on n on about this but ill just let you bump.

# Title Producer(s) Time
1 “Forecast (Intro)” Chris & Drop 1:12
2 “Hate2LoveU” One Up, co-produced by Amerie and Len Nicholson 3:13
3 “Some Like It” Amerie, Len Nicholson, additional production by Quran Goodman & Destro 2:57
4 “Make Me Believe” Amerie, Len Nicholson, The Buchanans 3:22
5 “Take Control” Mike Caren, additional production by Cee-Lo Green, Amerie and Len Nicholson 3:42
6 “Gotta Work” One Up 3:10
7 “Crush” The Buchanans 3:40
8 “Crazy Wonderful” The Buchanans 3:49
9 “That’s What U R” Chris & Drop 3:38
10 “When Loving U Was Easy” Curtis “C Note” Richardson 3:22
11 “Paint Me Over” Bink!, additional production by Amerie 4:14
12 “Somebody Up There” Bryan-Michael Cox 4:46
13 “All Roads” Curtis C Note Richardson 3:08

full album here..
my link.. no worries.. enjoy

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  1. her legs…


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