Yo Munz!, Where you at son?


Never mind all that..P7100097

 Today we learn about scuffs in your life, so annoying so unwanted and not needed.. what do you do if you get a scuff in your life?
Open up shoe box # 37 and gather you tools..

Stay calm, no worries .. We gona buff em out..


So folks, when you have scuffs in your life, never panic.. just grab ya tools and Buff them bitches right out.. it takes no time.. although they might make you think there presents is a present .. it isn’t.. i like to use  Neutral to neutralize.. but not to much, no need to over do it.. remember its all in the Elbow. Be on the look out because as long as you are moving forward they are never gone for good [spiteful motherfuckers]

MunzoMoto out`

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